If everyone talks about the weather..........

They should know what each of the clouds look like so that they can be prepared for whatever might happen with the weather.


How do each of the clouds appear in the sky?


Cirrus means "curl" clouds. They are very high, wispy clouds made of ice. Even in the summer, cirrus clouds are made of ice because it is cold high above the Earth.


Cumulus means "heap" clouds. The clouds are large clouds that sometimes look like huge puffs of cotton. Sometimes these clouds look like animals or familiar things. It is fun to use your imagination to make up stories about the clouds.


Stratus are layers. These clouds are gray and lie very close to the surface of the earth. They usually look like a sheet layer but sometimes are found in patches. They rarely produce precipitation.



Nimbostratus means "stretched out"clouds. These clouds are made up of low layers of clouds that usually cover the whole sky and blot out the sun. These clouds bring gray days. When rain falls from them, they are called nimbostratus clouds.




Sometimes cumulus clouds get dark gray and rain or hail falls from them. They are then called cumulonimbus clouds. These clouds often produce lightning and thunder. Nimbus always tells us that a cloud brings rain. These thunderheads may also bring a threat of severe weather in the form of a tornado.

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