Have you ever wondered why we need our teeth to chew our food?



The dictionary defines tooth as:

1. one of the hard bony growths that are borne on the jaws of other bones in the walls of the mouth or pharynx and are necessary for the grasping and grinding of food or as weapons of offense and defense.


Human teeth are very necessary for chewing. The teeth are also involved in the process of speech and they also give the face its appearance.


The teeth are of three general types: incisors, the cuspids, and the molars.

Where are the incisors?

front? -----------------------middle?--------------------back?

Where are the cuspids?


front? -----------------------middle?-----------------------back?

Where are the molars?

front? --------------------------middle?--------------------back?



 Man will have 32 adult teeth to brush and keep clean.
 There are important facts to know about these teeth and the jobs that they do.

 This table will tell about the types of teeth, where they are located, their job, and how many

are in the mouth of an adult.
Incisors  Cuspids  Cuspids-Bicuspids  Molars- 1,2,3
 in the front  behind incisors-1 point on top of tooth  behind the cuspids-2 points on top of tooth  back of bicuspids
 used for cutting  for ripping  for ripping  flat chewing surface for grinding
 8  4  8  12

The dentist will be very helpful in showing you how to clean and care for your teeth.

Can you name these tools that the dentist wants you to use?


Remember that you must use these tools to remove the bacteria that is causing acid to eat away at the enamel on your teeth.


Do any other animals have teeth?

How many teeth do they have ?

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Name this tooth