Juniata had the FIRST school in Adams county.

District 1 was formed December 16, 1871.

School for 32 pupils was held in a rented small store room while the first school building was being built. Miss Lizzie Scott was hired as the new teacher. The schoolhouse was not ready until late in 1872. This first Juniata schoolhouse was a two-story wood structure, 30 feet by 40 feet, with one large recitation room on the first floor and two on the second with study rooms attached to both. The cost of the building was $3,500.00.

This building sat at the corner of Brass and Seventh, faced north.

In 1880, enrollment was 124.

So to help the overcrowding, a brick structure, the "little brick schoolhouse" was built and used for the kindergartens and the first and second grades. It was also the first brick building in the town. Miss Nettie Winter was the first teacher in this building, with Miss Waechter being the last teacher. This was for the elementary (or primary school, as they called it), and torn down in the 1933.

This building sat at the corner of Platte and Tenth, facing west.

In 1889, enrollment was 210, number of students to a teacher, 40.

In 1890, there were 204 children in school with 6 teachers occupying 2 buildings.

In 1891, high school classes had been added through the tenth grade.

Enrollment was increasing and in 1896, $10,00.00 was approved to build a new 2-story brick building. It contained 5 school rooms, a school board room, superintendent's office and spacious halls. It took 425,000 bricks and 6 rail car loads to bring in the stones for the building. Classes began here January 17, 1897. Enrollment was 260, with 4 full time teachers and another for part of the year. In 1910, the school was accredited to teach 11th grade work and in 1913, the 12th grade was added.



In 1916 the building was remodeled and enlarged at a cost of $2,700.00. The two-story north side addition measured 30 by 50 feet and contained a basement gym.

The class of 1941, chose the school mascot as the Green Dragon. with school colors of green and white.

In 1942, the down-town auditorium-gymnasium was made ready with a seating capacity of 350. That year Juniata hosted the Adams County Basketball Tournament in this facility.

This building sat on Juniata Avenue. The upper floor, called the "opera house" was used for plays and graduations.


In 1946, the basketball team was the first to win a district tournament.

In 1947, the Adams County baseball tournament was won and 20 cents hot lunches were served.

Baseball was discontinued and replaced by football in 1956.

The gymnasium remained downtown at the center of all activity. It is the building at the lower left hand side of the picture.

Fire destroyed the downtown auditorium on Monday morning December 11, 1961. All the school's football and basketball equipment, as well as band instruments and uniforms were destroyed. By a vote of the people, they decided to replace the gymnasium and build additional grade classrooms and a kitchen for hot lunches. The new facility was located south of the old school building. The new building was ready in 1963.

In 1998, the Juniata School educates 115 students, kindergarten through sixth grade, with 10 teachers. Students beyond the sixth grade are educated at the Adams Central Junior and Senior High.

The 1896 structure was torn down in 1977, but the bell from the bell tower remains as a sign of changing times and memories of all students who have walked the Juniata halls.

The Juniata class of 1941 chose the school mascot as the Green Dragon with school colors of green and white.

Although the dragon mascot has been around for some years, it has never had a name.

The dragon was made a decorated for the Juniata centennial celebration. Now the "form" has been placed atop the school building. A dragon has also been placed on the Juniata web site.

Because of our school wide contest, our dragon now has a name: J.E.D. (Juniata Elementary Dragon). The name was submitted by second grader, Anthony H.

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