What were some hardships that happened to the Pilgrims?


The Pilgrims went to Holland because that country was not ruled by a king. therefore they were free to worship as they pleased.


The 11 years the Pilgrims spent in Holland saw them grow in responsibility, learning new things, and self-government.

In religion, they grew milder and more tolerant of other's differences.

In business, they were learning new crafts that they had never known before.

When the Pilgrims finally landed in America, Separatists and Anglicans joined together to form America's first written constitution-- the Mayflower Compact. It was a crucial beginning for self-government in America.


Despite their experience in Holland's free economy, the Pilgrims tried a brief experiment in agricultural when they arrived in America. This try caused widespread starvation. Fortunately, before it was too late, the Pilgrims saw their mistake and decided to learn from others, the Native Americans.


Some present-day historians believe that the Pilgrims have been overrated, that this little band of 100 or so English farmers don't deserve such praise in the popular American imagination. Today we have come to honor the coming of the Pilgrims, and more importantly, the values they represented:--including religious values, and family values.

This Thanksgiving, let's remember that all of the blessings most of us will enjoy this season were made possible by the rules of self-government under God that were followed by the Dutch and the Pilgrims so well in the 17th century. Within the space of 20 years, the Pilgrims were able to create the beginnings of a new nation.

Anwer the following questions?

 1. Why did the Pilgrims come to America?
 2. Who are the people that helped the Pilgrims farm in America?
 3. For what two values are the Pilgrims honored?

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