A National Symbol

Welcome to

Washington, D.C.,

our Nation's Capital city

This town is very special because it was a planned city. This city belongs to all of the citizens in the United States. It is placed on the District of Columbia. The state of Maryland gave land so that this famous city may be built here.

Let's visit some of the famous sites and learn a little more about them.


This is the Capitol building at night. the Capitol building was designed by a man named Dr. William Thorton. His sign was the winner in 17 entries. In this building is where all of the United States government takes place. The laws for the nation are made here. Each state send representatives to help make those laws.

The Lady of Freedom

She stands atop the Capitol building and faces to the West. The reason being that she is watching all of the new settlement taking place to the West. Remember a long time ago all of the new settlers went West to start new homes.

Ready for a Capitol tour?Click this picture.


One of the famous memorials that honors solders was designed by Yale student Maya Ying Lin.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial was built to honor the memory of those who served in the Vietnam War. Over 58,000 names are etched in the black granite Memorial whose walls point towards the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial.


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Our tour is not complete unless we visit the White House.

The White House is where the President lives. Enjoy yourself.



The President will bring his pets to live in the white House. So take a tour with Socks, President Clinton's cat.



At the Smithsonian Institute you won't believe what there is to see. Click on the sunburst.



The Monument that stands above all others in the center of the Mall is the Washington Monument. It is 555 feet tall. It was built to honor President George Washington.


I hope you have learned something new about your nation's capital.

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