The People Called Pilgrims


Anyone who travels to a new country because of religious reasons is called a Pilgrim. On these pages you will learn something of the people that we call Pilgrims who came to America in 1620 from Plymouth, England.


Topics included are:

Why the Pilgrims left their home to live in England?
How did the Pilgrims travel to America?
What were the hardships of the Pilgrims?
Learn about the Pilgrims on the pages above and answer the questions on each page.
Choose to become one of the Mayflower passengers.
Follow the tasks, completing the ones assigned by your teacher.



I was wondering:::::::::

What type of clothing did the Pilgrims wear?

What type of games did the Pilgrim children play or did they work all of the time?

What are some Mayflower myths?

What are some Indian myths?

What are some clothing myths?